8 Week Minded Yoga Course

8-Week Yoga Therapy Course for Stress, Depression & Anxiety



The yoga therapy for the mind 8-week course is a comprehensive and evidence-based program for anyone looking to reduce stress or suffering from anxiety and/or depression

The course combines specific yoga therapy techniques which help to regulate the nervous system and promote positive brain changes with mindfulness practices that enhance self-awareness and support individuals in the process of letting go of habitual patterns of thought and behavior, in an environment that is compassionate and safe.

Course Structure

We meet one a week for two hours over an 8-week period. During each session we inform you on how the mind-body and brain work together from a scientific perspective and teach you how to use practices that will promote well-being in all these aspects of yourself. Sessions include a 1 hour 10 minutes yoga practice, breath work, additional mind-body activities and a group discussion.

Erin Lewis Buddha QuoteDuring the first two weeks of the course we focus on regulating breath as a mode to alter the functioning of your nervous system so that you can manage stress with greater ease.  From weeks 3 – 5 we concentrate on the relationship between body and mood and in weeks 6 – 8 we focus specifically on the mind.

To support your practice you are given a comprehensive manual and a CD set with eight tracks, which coincide with each week of the course.

No yoga experience is required.

The cost of the 8-week course is £250.00 to include all tuition, materials, course book and CD

Courses Starting on 3rd March,  5th May,  1st September & 27th October 2015

(Early Bird Discount available at £220 if booked 4 weeks prior to course commencing)


How is the course Different from Other Courses for Emotional Healing?

Usually courses will focus on just the mind and/or just the body as a way to enhance mental well-being.  At Minded we understand that the most effective way to encourage long-term transformation is by focusing on the entire person and not just one aspect.  Methods that focus just on the mind forget that mental habits are deeply tied up with brain functioning.  Without movement or breath work a person will struggle to use the part of the mind to change deeply entrenched patterns of thinking and reacting.  Likewise if we only focus on the body we may overlook the reasons why we are so tied to particular ways of reacting to the environment.

Research reveals that faster and more long-term healing occurs through the intelligent integration of mind and body techniques.

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