6 Week Introduction to Yoga



“I have been attending Erin’s yoga classes for almost a year and have throroughly enjoyed her classes. Erin’s classes challenge you to think in a much more holistic way. The series of stretches help me to learn to live more peacefully. Her pearls of wisdom enable me to practice not just on the yoga mat during classes but off the mat too.” 



Individual 1-1 Introduction to Minded Yoga

These six week 1-1 introduction to yoga courses are designed to give you as much information as possible about the breath and postural alignment to help you to go into a class without feeling insecure. With this knowledge and providing you adhere to the principles you will be able to practice safely having created a firm foundation.  The investment for the six weeks is well worth the money as it avoids many bad habits from forming and what can be achieved individually in 6 weeks can take much longer in a class.

6-week course £240.00 (6 x 90 minutes sessions)

Held at Heart Twickenham or Erin’s Home in Isleworth

“My weekly class with Erin is truly a special time and space. The yoga she teaches is not just about the body (although that is given an excellent and thorough workout), but also about the mind. Through mindfulness techniques, focused largely on the breath, we learn to live in the present moment, leaving past regrets and future anxieties at the door, and concentrating instead on the here and now. I emerge from a class energized, strong, supple and full of well-being. She is a fantastic and inspirational teacher with a deep knowledge of the practice and philosophy of yoga.”…Maggie G

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