Erin’s Bio

I am a certified British Wheel of Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist having studied with The Minded Institute as well as working part time with British Airways as a purser and having a family. I understand how busy life can be with all the pressures of modern day living. I also understand from 21 years of yoga practice that yoga works and has enabled me to stay healthy and strong bringing peace and stillness where once there was stress and anxiety.

I am passionate about bringing this understanding to YOU and giving you the knowledge of WHY yoga works combining knowledge taught by the Minded Institute from a neuroscientific and research-based foundation.



I have a studio based in London and I teach many yoga classes ranging from individual classes to longer dedicated courses to treat illness, to stress and anxiety using all the knowledge and tools  I have learnt over the past 21 years. Combined with a deeply caring attitude, the classes aim to be rewarding and therapeutic.