Erin’s Bio

Erin Lewis Minded Yoga Teacher

From the moment I stepped on to a yoga mat over 20 years ago I knew I had found my way “home” and through a dedicated and consistent practice I have experienced and been very grateful for the significant health benefits yoga has brought to my physical, emotional and mental well being.

In becoming a yoga teacher with The British Wheel of Yoga, a yoga therapist with The Minded Institute and a committed yoga student I am passionate in sharing the benefits of yoga with my students and helping to guide them through a person-centered and holistic approach to a greater self awareness and understanding. My own journey has helped me to understand that the body is intrinsically connected to the mind and the mind is intrinsically connected to the body.  Each affects the other and through our mindful practice of yoga postures, breathing and meditation we are able to soothe our own nervous systems and regulate the effects of stress in our lives.

Through this regulation we have the opportunity to respond with compassion rather than habitually react to situations which means we have a choice and because we have a choice,  we have freedom.  Yoga is the perfect vehicle through which to become aware and to build resiliency to make better and healthier choices for our well being.  Through a gentle and empathetic approach I hope to help guide my students to make these choice and live an empowered life.

I understand the demands of a busy life and attribute my ability to have a family, work as part time cabin crew for British Airways, ride and compete my horse, teach classes and one to one yoga therapy sessions and run a yoga studio, Heart-Twickenham to my yoga practice. I think of it as the fuel I need for my vehicle (mind and body) to function effectively and efficiently.

At Minded-Yoga we provide a safe and nurturing space to strengthen, soften and relax the body and mind at our studio based in Twickenham, West London. where we offer classes, courses, workshops as well as  one to one yoga therapy.  We can also you refer to our wide range of associates including nutritionalists, psychotherapists, osteopaths, counselors and personal trainers.

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